What if you could get over your ex, 
and not only find true, authentic love, 
but also THRIVE!! 
Would you take a chance on yourself?

It’s time to step into your power!

(without wasting your time and money on products and programs full of fluff that don’t work)

Going through a breakup is one of the most difficult experiences we as humans go through.
Heartbreak is a physical and mental stress that takes time and effort to overcome.
There are days you may not want to get out of bed, or you can't stop crying.
You may have financial or physical worries to overcome.
If there are children involved, their wellbeing is in your hands, and this is a big responsibility.

Plus being single can be one of the most frightening mental concepts a woman will ever face.

There is hope--you will feel better!

This process is designed to help you take your power back, learn new skills to love yourself, give yourself respect and become the priority in your own life!

(Psst... these are the same steps I took to thrive after my divorce)

Hey lovely lady,

If your post-relationship plan is mainly just terrifying “guesswork” …

Yet you want to feel confident that the steps you take will definitely lead you to a loving and secure place within... and find a loving, long lasting relationship filled with passion, adventure and grace?

Then this is the most important first step to take on your journey…

Why? Because you are so much more than this awful heartbreak, loneliness and shame and you are ALLOWED to learn from this experience, grow and thrive…
In the shortest timeframe possible.


This checklist is for you if your divorce or break-up has you feeling:

  • Sick and tired of hiding and shrinking your light in relationships.
  • Has left an un-washable stain on your life, reputation and the weight is killing you.
  • ​Afraid for your future and how you will ever be happy again.
  • ​Never feel seen, heard or appreciated.
  • ​Feel incomplete without attaching yourself to a man.
  • ​Want to be independent, free and authentic in relationships but just don’t know how.
  • ​Feel heartbroken, ashamed, undesirable, unwanted, unworthy and want to give up on love.
  • ​Can’t stop thinking of your ex, or how you can win him back (even though you don’t even really want to be with him).
  • ​The DREAD of online dating or even the idea of dating alone is cringeworthy.
  • ​You want to become the BEST version of yourself, create healthy boundaries, become a love manifesting genius and live happily ever after on your own terms!

Within my 15 Ways to Thrive After Divorce checklist, I will help you:

Practice Self-Care

so you can learn to sooth yourself, calm your central nervous system, care for your broken heart and feel your feelings (instead of burying them) in a space of love and compassion.

Boost Your Confidence

so you can quit feeling like a failure, remember how powerful you really are and empower you to take life by the horns and create the life you deserve.

Improve Your Self-Talk

so you can keep a positive frame of mind, get out of your own way, quit listening to the limiting beliefs of the past and create a new love filled inner narrative.

Build Inner Trust

so you can dive deeper into those limiting beliefs, face your fears and Man-tox alone with a newfound confidence, worthiness and grace. 
We are afraid of our own power. We have been taught to hide and shrink our light for FAR TOO LONG!. It’s time that you start using our deep, authentic and feminine power to your advantage. 
I created this checklist because break ups are extremely difficult (even in the best of circumstances) and FAR TOO OFTEN women get stuck in the narrative of “my needs don’t matter” or “I am now broken, damaged and have unlovable baggage”.


I know this because I was there! I want everyone to have access to the skills and practices that have helped me break free from co-dependency and have my own back!

It’s time to:

  • Learn skills to love your body so you can let go of the shame and harmful self-talk that is keeping you small.
  • Take your power back so you feel in control on your thoughts, beliefs, actions and reactions. 
  • No more taking the backseat.
  • ​Love your body so you can give yourself the respect and abundance of love you deserve and become a priority in your life.
This journey is not about find a man to complete you. It’s about completing yourself, healing your wounds and showing up to the world as your true authentic self.

Do this, and your dream man will appear with an abundance of love.

  • No more wishing.
  • No more hoping for a man to sweep you off your feet.
  • No more crying yourself to sleep.
  • ​No more desperate moments.
  • No more swiping, negotiating or walks of shame.


Hi my name is Elisa Kurylowicz and like you, I have suffered through the crippling journey of divorce. The shame and guilt I felt buried me under a pile of low self-esteem, self-doubt and unworthiness for far too long…

I know exactly how difficult overcoming this hurdle can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s my journey in a nutshell… I am a former World Cup Gold medalist and 2 x National Champion in the sport of Freestyle Mogul skiing. My journey in life has included standing on the top of the podium on the world stage, as well as the epic failure of missing the Olympic Games, falling into a deep depression, becoming addicted to anxiety medications, gaining 85lbs in a year, marrying an abusive man, going into financial crisis and then hitting rock bottom…

Yup! I sat at rock bottom for years… But then I had a wakeup call that shifted my life into a new direction.

I now THRIVE, I am happily divorced, and I no longer let the past hold its gripping power for my present and future self.

And now, I teach women just like you exactly how to do the same. Over the past 12 years I have coached high performers, athletes, coaches and women from all of the world get out of their heads, into their bodies and connected to their own truth and power so they can live their lives by design.

I specialize in using the practice of awareness to change the limiting narratives, beliefs and ecosystems that have been designed to keep you small and help you shift into your beautiful, feminine power.

Making sustainable change and standing in your truth with confidence and conviction requires a mental shift. I teach people just like you how to see their lives from a new perspective and change their story from a fear driven constant loop of avoiding pain and hardships, to a peaceful, satiating and love driven journey.

We all want to be happy, find love and feel joyous. And I believe with the right strategy and tools, women can and will come out of the shadows and manifest their dream lives.


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