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The first step in this journey is always the hardest. Whether you have difficulty with weight loss, shame, confidence or a negative body image, this ebook will help you build confidence, cancel out the noise and take your power back the right way.

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With this E-book I will help you:


So you can keep a positive frame of mind, get out of your own way and begin to build trust within


So you can walk into every room feeling good about yourself, you can celebrate your accomplishments and quit living to prove your worth to those around you.


So you can become the non-judgemental observer of your life. This will allow you to dive deeper into why you speak to yourself harshly and work towards silencing the inner critic forever.


So you can quit feeling exhausted trying to perfect everything, stop comparing yourself to others and focus on the abundance that is in your life.
and more...
I wrote this book because I want women to feel the mental and emotional freedom I feel inside. I want everyone to have access to the skills and practices that have kept me driven in the right direction.
  • Learn skills to love your body so you can let go of the shame and harmful self-talk that is keeping you small.
  • Take your power back so you feel in control of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and reactions. No more taking the backseat.
  • Love your body so you can give yourself the respect and abundance of love you deserve and become a priority in your life.
Hi my name is Elisa Kurylowicz and like you, I have suffered from the crippling wounds of low self-esteem and body image. I know exactly how difficult shifting the mind all on your own can be because I lived through it. 
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am a former World Cup Gold medalist and 2 x National Champion in the sport of Freestyle Mogul skiing. My journey in life has included standing on the top of the podium on the world stage, as well as the epic failure of missing the Olympic Games, falling into a deep depression, becoming addicted to anxiety medications, gaining 85lbs in a year, marrying an abusive man, going into financial crisis and then hitting rock bottom…

Yup! I sat at rock bottom for years… But then I had a wake up call that shifted my life into a new direction.

Over the last 12 years, I have coached hundreds of athletes, coaches & woman just like you from all over the world get out of their heads and into their self-worth and power so they can live their lives by design.

I specialize in helping high performers who struggle with body image and limiting beliefs systems get out of the BOX they live in (which they did not design) and into their OWN power!

Making sustainable change requires a mental shift, and I teach people just like you how to see their lives from a new perspective and change their story from a fear driven loop of avoiding pain and hardships, to a peaceful, satiating and love driven journey.

We all want to be happy and feel joyous, but it’s not all about “thinking positive thoughts”. It’s about learning the real reasons WHY you think negatively in the first place and shifting the mind.

Grab Your FREE "Bare Naked Goddess" Ebook TODAY!

What Readers are saying about Bare Naked Goddess...

Evelyn Aldous
London, UK

Elisa's lovely opening video for her ebook straight away won me over with her warm and natural personality. Both in her video and her book, the reader is guided through Elisa's personal journey from self-rejection and perfectionism to beautiful and radical body confidence. She illustrates this transformation with images of herself as testimony of self-acceptance. Through powerful questions, I felt hugely inspired to find out what is possible for my own body confidence. Elisa's ebook is packed with value and I would highly recommend reading it!

Britly Foley
Utah, USA

This ebook was amazing!! I have always struggled with self love and feeling like I am “enough”. This book gave so many amazing tips and suggestions broken down into easy steps! I am excited to put me and my relationship with myself at the top of my list and see the shift! I would recommend everyone read this!!

Calley Hewes
Vermont, USA

This guide was a breath of fresh air for me. The exercises really helped me get a new perspective and make peace with my body a little more. It’s a work in progress but I really benefitted from going through these challenges. Thank you!

Sarah Moon
Sydney, Australia

Elisa has a lovely, open and loving energy! I found Bare-Naked Goddess to be a really gentle and encouraging introduction to body and self love. The exercises are practical, and take you deep enough that you begin to uncover the root of your resistance without becoming overwhelmed. Thank you Elisa for giving this gift to women.
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