Join Me For “The Vow: 21 Days Of Self-Care” Mindset, Movement and Ritual Package…

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Introducing the Elisa Unfiltered February 2021 Virtual Self-Care Package of a Lifetime

Take “The VOW”

21 Days of Self-Care

Presented by: Elisa Unfiltered & Ritual by Pure

There is no better way to start something for yourself than HERE… Join me, and over our 21 days together, you will receive a DAILY email that include:

  • Setting dedicated time to create space for YOU!
  • ​Your daily VOW: A clear promise to yourself for the day.
  • Clear instructions on your daily tasks, what you will need for that morning and a some extra challenges you can do throughout your day.
  • INTENTION SETTING: Setting specific daily intentions so you can get clear on what you want.
  • MEDITATION: Embarking on a new meditation practice so you can clear out the noise and learn to trust your gut.
  • ​MOVEMENT: A guided movement practice. We will be moving together with exercise practices (including yoga, breathing, walking, body weight and at home workouts) so you can try something new, build strength in your body and stimulate your metabolism.
  • MINDSET: Opening our hearts and minds to various Mindset exercises so you can heal, grow, laugh, and show up for yourself with confidence.
  • ​Creating Space and Time to make YOU a priority in your life so you can live your truth and be proud of the pathway and journey.
  • ​MOST IMPORTANTLY: Its time to stop doing the same thing over and over… You want something new? Then you need to DO SOMETHING NEW! AND THIS IS IT. After our 21 days together, you will have over a hundred different NEW practices under your belt to make your self-care ritual your own!
Hey Lovely,
Have you been struggling with your self-care, body image, diet culture messaging, negative self-talk or feelings of loneliness throughout this crazy pandemic?

Do you try and make yourself a priority, only to be swallowed up by the expectations and conditions of your life?

Do you feel heavy, overweight, and exhausted from failed diet and exercise programs that just aren’t working?

If this sounds like you, then this will be the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT YOU COMMIT TO ALL YEAR!

This year I am going to show you the easiest way to build confidence, know your worth and trust yourself at a whole new level.

Here’s the thing…

After years of stumbling, yo-yo dieting, gaining and losing confidence, looking up to mentors who make promises of self-fulfillment and a TON of bad advice, I have learned WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL SELF-CARE ROUTINE.

It isn’t about spending more money…
It isn’t about spa days & expensive creams…
It isn’t about reading the best-selling books or faking it until you make it…
It is about your ability to truly believe that you are a priority, understand your worth as a beautiful human, creating the RIGHT kind of space, and making time for ritual and routine that fills your soul.

That is why within “THE VOW: 21 Days of Self-Care” we will be rolling up our sleeves together, cutting through the noise of self-care gurus and getting straight to the transformative self-care that you are craving in your life right now.
We are going to deep dive into the heart of WHO you are, and WHAT you want in life…

SO you can build confidence, positive body image, and a self-care ritual that fulfilled your life with love and compassion, grit and sustainability.

For the first time EVER, I will be sharing my daily self-care ritual that I created to build, maintain and sustain a loving and compassion relationship with myself.

The same system I’ve been sharing intuitively with clients, athletes and other coaches for years but never downloaded it into an action plan like this…

Designed to take you on a massive imperfect journey of self-discovery and connection to your deep inner knowing.

I am sharing this because I have had so much success, joy and fulfillment in my life and I want the same for YOU!

Want to hear the best part?

I have teamed up with my friends over at Ritual by Pure, Ottawa’s newest and more powerful intension setting workouts (think Yoga meets plyometrics) for FREE online workouts streamed LIVE right to your living room. That is a value of $50/month!!!

We are hooking you UP, and together we are going get back in alignment, and build a healthy self-care practice that nurtures, builds strength and confidence in your body, mind and soul without the same of guilt.

So if you are ready to make yourself a priority and cut through all of the noise, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!

This opportunity is not going to be available for long. So click and join NOW and I hope to see you very soon.

What are you waiting for?

$197 now over 50% off at $97