The Ultimate Self-Love Roadmap


(For people who struggle with shame, confidence and negative body image.)

It is time to take your power back, and learn new skills to love your body, give yourself respect and become the priority of your own life!

Drop the Drama, and begin your Personal Freedom Journey today!
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"This checklist really resonated with me. It definitely challenged me and brought up plenty of resistance, but also kept me interested. Moving forward. 

The spark and results of one “challenge” kept me moving to the next...with more confidence and gratitude. An emotional but grounding and empowering process. Thanks Elisa!

Nina Marchewka, Ottawa, ON Canada



It is amazing how often we speak to ourselves negatively without even knowing it!
It's time to pay attention and change your inner dialogue.


Quit looking in the mirror wearing the victim or the judge hat... trust me... it doesn't suit you anymore.
Boost your confidence with some self-care actionable practices.


It's time to become the non-judgemental observer of your life. Up your awareness game and set time aside to mediate.


Discover how easy it can be to drop out of the habit of constant judgement, comparing ourselves to a former version of us OR to others, and to unfollow personalities and influencers that no longer serve us...
and more...
Hi! My name is Elisa Kurylowicz.
I am the founder of Elisa Unfiltered: Performance, Mindset & Awareness Coaching, and host of the podcast Elisa Unfiltered: Living Life Out Loud.

I am a former World Cup Gold Medalist and 2 x National Champion in the sport of Freestyle Mogul Team. My journey in life has included standing on the top of the podium on the worlds stage, as well as the epic failure of missing the Olympic Games, falling into a deep depression, becoming addicted to anxiety medication, gaining 86lbs in a year, marrying an abusive man, going into financial crisis and then hitting rock bottom...

Then one day I had a wake up call that shifted me out of my body/mind/soul and into a completely new way of thinking/believing/behaving...

From that day forth, I have worked with spiritual coaches, life coaches, high performance and top professionals around the world to develop my tried and tested coaching practices.

Now, I help high performing women who are struggling with their body image and limiting belief systems. I get women out of the box they live in (which they did NOT design) and into their OWN power!

Let's do this together!

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